The harmony of the city,
and nature

Rezidence Hadovitá will soon offer you 76 new apartments and studios in Prague 4 - Michle. Life with a view from the Michelská stráň, near to the centre yet far enough from the city's bustle. This is exactly what living in the Rezidence Hadovitá will be like. It can also be your home.


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Keep an eye on this site. That is the only way to keep up-to-date on what is happening in Rezidence Hadovitá. We will keep you informed about the sale of apartments and the progress of the work in real time. Look forward to it!

About the Residence


The newly built Rezidence Hadovitá will be built on Michelská stráň, a sloping terrain that was a real challenge for Prague architects from Arx Studio. They dealt professionally with the task of designing modern living that will be full of light, comfort and space. The result is a unique architectural design of buildings that naturally imitate the sloping terrain and they have an elegant and timeless look because of the way they are segmented.


All at one place

The residence is named after the street Hadovitá, from which you will enter your new home. It is just about a short walk to a store, sport facility or a restaurant where you can meet with friends. There is a bus stop two minutes away and a tram about ten. School, pharmacy or ATM are also nearby. Nothing is missing in this locality. Hadovitá is a city-living with all its benefits

Catalog of apartments

or A Relax on Your Own Terrace

Lovers of minimalist and spacious apartments will be delighted. Eight-floor residences consisting of five above-ground floors and three underground floors offer a total of 76 apartments and studios. From one-room apartments with a floor area of ​​30 m2 up to a four-room apartments with a floor area of ​​100 m2. We have also prepared several studios for you.

All apartments have either a front yard, balcony, loggia or terrace. To the outside premises, you will be entering through the spacious glass door, so extending the apartment of an outside space will not be a problem. Two garage parking spaces are also available in two basements, which will be assigned to residential units and studios. Three underground floors will offer cellar cubicles, where you can for instance store sports equipment.



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Metrostav Development a.s.
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Koželužská 2450/4180 00 Praha 8, Libeň
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