Metrostav Development a.s. covers all development activities of the Metrostav Group. It is mainly concerned with residential and commercial projects in interesting localities.

Metrostav Development as creates exceptional architecture with an emphasis on utility value, design and environmental responsibility.

Metrostav Development stands on a solid basis: almost 40 years of experience of the Metrostav Group companies. During this time, a number of remarkable projects have been carried out in the areas of building, underground and transport construction and many of them were awarded prizes in prestigious national and international competitions and are considered technically unique. Metrostav a.s. Is the only shareholder of Metrostav Develpment a.s.

Since 1995, Metrostav a.s. has included development projects in its activities. In 2008, a separate company, Metrostav Development a.s., was established, covering the development activities of the Metrostav Group.

Stability, financial strength, experience, employee expertise and responsible approach are a guarantee for our clients that their projects will be completed at the contractual price, within the deadline and in the required quality, comparable to European standards.

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The company is part of the “Metrostav Group”.



Metrostav Development a.s.
Koželužská 2450/4
180 00 Praha 8, Libeň
Telefon: 800 266 060


Bc. Vratislav Donát
Hyposervis Consulting a.s.
Králodvorská 1086/14, 110 00 Praha 1
Cellphone: +420 731 158 640


Metrostav Development a.s.
Koželužská 2450/4, 180 00 Praha 8, Libeň
IČ 284 40 412
The company is registered in BR at MC in Prague, Section B, Insert 14524


Koželužská 2450/4180 00 Praha 8, Libeň
IČ: 241 94 581
The company is registered in BR at MC in Prague, Section C, Insert 187503


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