In cooperation with Hyposervis Consulting a.s. we have prepared favourable terms of mortgage loans for the clients of the REZIDENCE HADOVITÁ project.

The immense amount of mortgage products offered and the various approaches of banking institutions to clients require greater and greater demands in the matter of housing finance. Interventions by the Czech National Bank (e.g. increasing demands on own resources, income levels, etc.) also cause that in the future, mortgages won’t not be as easily accessible to everyone as they are now. 

To guide you in the current mortgage market as smoothly as possible, and to make the mortgage as accessible and as suitable as possible for you, we joined forces with the oldest mortgage broker in the Czech Republic, Hyposervis, which has been taking care of our clients for many years.

Entrust yourself to Hyposervis brokers’ care and make the most out of their 17 years of experience in the housing finance market.

They will provide you with comprehensive expert advice and assistance in securing a mortgage loan and will ensure coordination in mortgage financing between you, individual mortgage banks and us as a seller. Hyposervis is a guarantee of the simplest and, at the same time, most efficient approach to financing your new home.

All its employees are registered with the CNB as tied agents under the Consumer Credit Act and are certified with all major mortgage banks and building societies in the Czech market. Therefore, they will choose the most appropriate solution model for your case and will safely guide you through the entire mortgage financing process.

With Hyposervis mortgage, you also get

  • the lowest available interest rates
  • zero mortgage processing fees
  • an expert opinion free of charge
  • zero administrative costs associated with preparing the mortgage

For more information, contact a broker who will prepare an offer tailored for your needs.

Bc. Vratislav Donát

Senior Consultant Partner

Králodvorská 1086/14

110 00 Praha 1
Mobile phone: +420 731 158 640



Metrostav Development a.s.
Koželužská 2450/4
180 00 Praha 8, Libeň
Telefon: 800 266 060


Bc. Vratislav Donát
Hyposervis Consulting a.s.
Králodvorská 1086/14, 110 00 Praha 1
Cellphone: +420 731 158 640


Metrostav Development a.s.
Koželužská 2450/4, 180 00 Praha 8, Libeň
IČ 284 40 412
The company is registered in BR at MC in Prague, Section B, Insert 14524


Koželužská 2450/4180 00 Praha 8, Libeň
IČ: 241 94 581
The company is registered in BR at MC in Prague, Section C, Insert 187503


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